How to Record Credit Card Finance Charges in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks accounting is the application that generally applied for using them on small and medium business. The company may get assessed bank fees while using them on any system via QuickBooks account. The bank assessed fees based on the type of financial services for the bounced check, a monthly checking account for downloading transactions to QuickBooks. To record regular bank and credit card fees with the relevant account register. When the users get a bounced check fee from a customer, then it must classify it as a bounced check within QuickBooks. The application charges your customer the appropriate fees. It must be applied with the help of QuickBooks Technical Support USA team and experienced support.

Recording financial charges in QuickBooks required some following steps:

Ø  Click on QuickBooks account

Ø  Click on banking menu and select to register the amount

Ø  Select the account that you want to record to pay the fees on your transaction

Ø  Locate the transaction that automatically downloads and then, change the date

Ø  Enter the total fee paid through your credit card

Ø  Enter the account to drop down menu

Ø  Select bank name and detail about the transaction

Ø  Click record button to save the transaction

For more details, there are some of the following ways that may help you to keep the record in-hand with additional details. Connect the team of QuickBooks Customer Services USA 1-214-431-5122 and manage the file easily.

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